Who Is Saluti Cahn

Saluti Cahn and Company has over three decades of experience in assisting with financial services industry System Conversions in Trust, Brokerage, Banking Operations, and Retirement.  Saluti Cahn has developed an expertise in Retirement Operations, having completed 31 complex Retirement projects “non-stop” in the last 15 years.  Saluti Cahn has become the source for Retirement Operations procedures, “Retirement Industry Standard Best Practices,” efficiencies, and controls.  Saluti Cahn has assisted in numerous Retirement Operations System Conversion projects.  Saluti Cahn can be depended upon to create and test new system procedures.  Saluti Cahn will identify and resolve the new system procedural-level operational gaps and issues with respect to existing Client-specific requirements.

Saluti Cahn New System Procedures Development

Saluti Cahn has worked with countless vendor and proprietary Retirement systems.  In order to document procedures for a new Retirement system, Saluti Cahn uses a detailed workflow tool to create projected procedures for the new system/processing environment.  Saluti Cahn makes use of a test system/model office.  Saluti Cahn manages User Testing of the projected detailed workflows, and drafts new system procedures from the tested workflows.  Procedure drafts are used in training and then edited as necessary.  A final edit of these new procedures is performed after completion of training and then a 30-day “burn-in” period.  During the development of detailed workflows, drafted procedures, training, and procedural edits, Saluti Cahn identifies, resolves, and tracks procedural-level conversion issues.

Advantages of Using Saluti Cahn

Saluti Cahn strategically limits the number of projects accepted, enabling the principals, Dr. Dean Saluti and Marjorie Cahn, to be at the Client sites working with their staff at all times.  Dr. Saluti and/or Marjorie Cahn will personally conduct all new system procedure testing sessions with Client staff.  Dr. Saluti and/or Marjorie Cahn personally conduct all system conversion issue resolution sessions. This ensures superior-quality output.

Dr. Dean Saluti | President | Saluti Cahn

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