Saluti Cahn | Advantages

Saluti Cahn – Advantages over our competition

  • Leader in the field of Retirement Operations
  • Multi-faceted engagements for financial service oriented firms from across the country.
  • Saluti Cahn Corporate Strategy – saluti cahn strategically limit the number of projects that we accept so Dr. Dean Saluti and /or Marjorie Cahn can be at Client sites with our staff at all times.
  • 31 straight projects ranging over the past 15 years.
    • (Saluti Cahn Client Listing available on our website)
  • Dean Saluti and Marjorie Cahn have familiarity with both vendor-based and proprietary software common to the industry.
  • Saluti Cahn uses a “Reasonable, Fixed-Fee, Monthly Billing Rate” - Contact Marjorie Cahn for more details

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