Saluti Cahn | Joins Naymz

In today’s corporate setting networking is critical for every professional and business looking to gain exposure on the web. Sorry to say, online professional networking can be overwhelming at times.  However, Saluti Cahn feels that Naymz has made it easier and would appreciate anyone stopping by our profile and let us know what you think.

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Saluti Cahn Services | Hosted On Google Base

Saluti Cahn has decided to use a new service by Google.  Google recently launched Google Base which lets companies like saluti cahn add their products / services which are then searchable by customers.  For examples please check out the pages we completed below.

Saluti Cahn Google Base Services:

  • Head Count Reduction
  • Controls for Growth Environments
  • System Conversions
  • Consolidations
  • By engaging Saluti Cahn, we will use Workflows to identify:
    1) Control Points
    2) Compliance Exposure Issues.
    3) Drive Issues to IT or Operational Resolution.
    4) Draft and test Procedures for Training.

    Contact Dean Saluti or Marjorie Cahn for more information.

    Saluti Cahn | Insider Pages Profile

    Saluti Cahn can now be found on Insider Pages after Dean Saluti used the site to track down a company he was looking for.  Dean Saluti realized the usefulness of having Saluti Cahn as an option for potential customers searching by service instead of googling a company name.  Dean would encourage all small business owners to create a listing.

    Insider Pages | About

    “Insider Pages was formed to help the public locate reliable local businesses through recommendations from people in the immediate area served by the businesses they list.  In order to better reach our customers and allow for feedback.”

    Dean Saluti welcomes any feedback on the newly created Saluit  Cahn Insider Pages listing and is looking forward to hear from former and current clients.

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