Dean Saluti on advantages going into 2010

Dean Saluti on advantages going into 2010:

Saluti Cahn has redefined the ultimate approach to aiding companies who are looking to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and achieve superior client retention.  The aforementioned qualities are what allow the firm to stand out in the competitive workflow analysis and procedures field with the financial retirement services industry. With our corporate headquarters out of Boston, MA, Saluti Cahn can finish complex projects our competitors cannot due to their reliance on outdated methodologies and lack of IS systems knowledge.

By relying on proprietary methodologies, Saluti Cahn focuses on a process at the key-stroke level of an engagement, which allows us to make decisions other companies normally ignore.

The key to Saluti Cahn’s achievement is based on its distinctive workflow analysis and procedures process; our team of consultant’s breaks down transactions into a simple screening procedure that takes into account the specific needs of each worker in your company.  Bigger companies apply wide-ranging numeric assessments to make decisions, but Saluti Cahn uses a simplified, yet extremely case-specific, methodology which results in a detailed plan to the customer which can then be used as a training manual for the methods utilized post engagement.

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