Dean Saluti’s commitment to clients

Dean Saluti’s thoughts on Saluti Cahn going forward:

Saluti Cahn analyzes its clients IS applications, processes and strategies prior to delivering an outcome which is based on extensive due diligence conducted at the companies site(s). After an engagement is accepted, the company has the chance to review the commitment and decide if they want to accept the terms presented by Saluti Cahn. Our fixed fee payment allows for the company to clearly budget the project and we believe in personalized interactions between Saluti Cahn and its clients. Saluti Cahn accomplishes this goal by providing the principals of the company, Marjorie Cahn and Dr. Dean Saluti onsite for the duration of the engagement.
Saluti Cahn specializes in ever-widening diversity of engagements, including workforce management, Information System conversions, Control Points to manage high growth areas and post merger consolidations.

As an example of Saluti Cahn’s principles of quality the models the American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS) chose Dr. Saluti to design and circulate the undergraduate and graduate curricula for Manufacturing Systems.  In addition, Dean Saluti was chosen to direct a national study group to establish strategies to compete with the Japanese “Just in Time” methods.

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