Saluti Cahn – 2009 Client Spotlight

Dean Saluti: Project Spotlight – Saluti Cahn Retirement New Business / New Plan Conversion for ADP

  1. First SalutiCahn conducted a detailed Workflow analysis, and identified efficiencies which led to positive cost savings.
  2. Next, Saluti Cahn went through ADP’s New Plan Procedure and after a thorough analysis we were able to decrease conversion time by fifty percent.
  3. To create further efficiencies Saluti Cahn assocites examined ADP job titles / duties were then revamped to reflect changes in the New Plan Procedure.
  4. Dean Saluti examined the capacity to shift job titles / duties along with other measures to ease bottlenecks helped lead to a reduction in processing time.
  5. Saluti Cahn  worked on processing time which was further refined by trimming the handoff time between Sales and New Business.

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