Saluti Cahn Project Spotlight Lincoln Financial

Saluti Cahn Project Spotlight – Saluti Cahn Retirement New Business / New Plan Conversion for Lincoln Financial

  1. Within the first 3 weeks of the project, Saluti Cahn was able to find positive cost savings for Lincoln Financial.
  2. This was accomplished by a methodical review by Dean Saluti and other Saluti Cahn associates who examined the processes in the following 3 departments:
    1. New Business
    2. Participant Call Center
    3. Transaction Research Units
    4. Customer retention was increased by implementing all of Saluti Cahn’s proposed efficiency and control points.
    5. A fifty percent reduction in processing time was achieved by using the following techniques introduced by Saluti Cahn:
      1. Timelines / Milestones
      2. Call Agendas
      3. Checklists

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