As a result of the snowy weekend I was reading some online articles and came across this one:

Thought it had some content going forward concerning some good social media related solutions f or the new year.  I’m sure we at Saluti Cahn will look to implement some or more in the upcoming months.  If you like this article let us know and also feel free to provide some examples of how you implemented them.

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Just wanted to follow-up to the previous post earlier today (  On further thougtht, Dean wanted to create a personal profile as well and also found that useful.  To that end, I wanted to post that as example for others wanted to extend their corporate profile on crunchbase with a personal one.

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As 2010 starts we at Saluti Cahn are continuing our efforts to reach out and gain greater exposure in the digital world.  To that end, Dean Saluti has recently set up a profile for himself, Marjorie Cahn and Saluti Cahn on a up and coming website for companies called focuses on providing a place for companies to both showcase themselves and also provide frequent updates that allow clients to keep up to date on what is going on at the company.  

For a sample profile (saluti cahn) see below:

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Blog Post Title:  Recent Project Accomplishments – 2008

  • Vanguard Recordkeeping Services – After only 5 months at Vanguard, Saluti Cahn acknowledged significant operational efficiencies, resulting in savings of approximately $4.5M. This was accomplished by, dissecting and documenting all assigned critical Recordkeeping Operations Procedures.
  • Pentegra Retirement Services – Per our recommendation, Pentegra acquired its competitor, RSGroup, which resulted in Saluti Cahn performing a Consolidation Gap Analysis. We went on to break down and document over a hundred Pentegra DC (defined contribution) /DB (defined benefit) Procedures.
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Saluti Cahn Project Spotlight Lincoln Financial

Saluti Cahn Project Spotlight – Saluti Cahn Retirement New Business / New Plan Conversion for Lincoln Financial

  1. Within the first 3 weeks of the project, Saluti Cahn was able to find positive cost savings for Lincoln Financial.
  2. This was accomplished by a methodical review by Dean Saluti and other Saluti Cahn associates who examined the processes in the following 3 departments:
    1. New Business
    2. Participant Call Center
    3. Transaction Research Units
    4. Customer retention was increased by implementing all of Saluti Cahn’s proposed efficiency and control points.
    5. A fifty percent reduction in processing time was achieved by using the following techniques introduced by Saluti Cahn:
      1. Timelines / Milestones
      2. Call Agendas
      3. Checklists

Dean Saluti’s commitment to clients

Dean Saluti’s thoughts on Saluti Cahn going forward:

Saluti Cahn analyzes its clients IS applications, processes and strategies prior to delivering an outcome which is based on extensive due diligence conducted at the companies site(s). After an engagement is accepted, the company has the chance to review the commitment and decide if they want to accept the terms presented by Saluti Cahn. Our fixed fee payment allows for the company to clearly budget the project and we believe in personalized interactions between Saluti Cahn and its clients. Saluti Cahn accomplishes this goal by providing the principals of the company, Marjorie Cahn and Dr. Dean Saluti onsite for the duration of the engagement.
Saluti Cahn specializes in ever-widening diversity of engagements, including workforce management, Information System conversions, Control Points to manage high growth areas and post merger consolidations.

As an example of Saluti Cahn’s principles of quality the models the American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS) chose Dr. Saluti to design and circulate the undergraduate and graduate curricula for Manufacturing Systems.  In addition, Dean Saluti was chosen to direct a national study group to establish strategies to compete with the Japanese “Just in Time” methods.

Dean Saluti on advantages going into 2010

Dean Saluti on advantages going into 2010:

Saluti Cahn has redefined the ultimate approach to aiding companies who are looking to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and achieve superior client retention.  The aforementioned qualities are what allow the firm to stand out in the competitive workflow analysis and procedures field with the financial retirement services industry. With our corporate headquarters out of Boston, MA, Saluti Cahn can finish complex projects our competitors cannot due to their reliance on outdated methodologies and lack of IS systems knowledge.

By relying on proprietary methodologies, Saluti Cahn focuses on a process at the key-stroke level of an engagement, which allows us to make decisions other companies normally ignore.

The key to Saluti Cahn’s achievement is based on its distinctive workflow analysis and procedures process; our team of consultant’s breaks down transactions into a simple screening procedure that takes into account the specific needs of each worker in your company.  Bigger companies apply wide-ranging numeric assessments to make decisions, but Saluti Cahn uses a simplified, yet extremely case-specific, methodology which results in a detailed plan to the customer which can then be used as a training manual for the methods utilized post engagement.

Saluti Cahn | LinkedIn

Saluti Cahn has created a company profile on LinkedIn.  Dean Saluti and Marjorie Cahn have used LinkedIn for a few years and have enjoyed networking past and present clients.  Recently, LinkedIn has allowed companies to create a “corporate profile” to both promote a business and allow employees  to gather in a single place.  Saluti Cahn’s company page not only includes typical information like what we do, who we are, but also is liked to this Saluti Cahn Blog.  Therefore, by signing up and following SalutiCahn on linkedin you will receive the latest updates on our clients and other insight by Dean Saluti.

Saluti Cahn Linkedin Company Page

Saluti Cahn Linkedin Company Page

Saluti Cahn | Facebook Fan Page

Saluti Cahn has recently published a Fan Page on Facebook as part of our ongoing effort to reach both clients and potential employees as we look to tap the talent graduates from within the boston area.  Facebook is just one of the many social media sites Dean has asked saluti cahn associates to use in an effort to broaden our client base.  Also, in this technology driven society, being able to spread the word online allows for marketing to take place and relationships to form both locally and countrywide.  Dean Saluti will continue to post both on the blog and at various sites and give his advice on how best Saluti Cahn can help its clients.

Saluti Cahn facebook Fan Page
Saluti Cahn facebook Fan Page

Dean Saluti and Marjorie Cahn | Present The 2009 I Migliori Pirandello Lyceum Award

Dean Saluti and Marjorie Cahn Present

The 2009 I Migliori Pirandello Lyceum Award


As a former recipient Dean Saluti of Saluti Cahn was proud to once again be a part of the 2009  I Migliori Pirandello Lyceum Award Ceremony.  “I Migliori in Mens et Gesta”(The Best in Mind and Deeds) award is presented annually to individuals who uphold the traditions and values prevalent in the Italian Culture.  Dean Saluti and Marjorie Cahn believed that The Hilton Boston Logan Airport served as the perfect venue for this prestigious black tie event.

Here is a picture of Dean Saluti and Marjorie Cahn (of Saluti Cahn) with the award winner:

Pirandello Lyceum Awards Banquet_2009

Original Story and Photo (along with the other winners) can be found at:






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