Saluti Cahn | Service Orientated Specializations

Saluti Cahn specializes in Retirement Services within the Financial Service Industry. Saluti Cahn has worked with most, if not all of the commonly used systems in the industry. In order to reach a broader audience Dean Saluti and Marjorie Cahn are using the web to reach out virtually to all companies big or small in an effort to aid companies in realzing significant cost savings in this uncertain economy. Realizing the need for expendiancy, Dean Saluti purposely limit the amount of projects Saluti Cahn takes on so that the customer is first and gets hands on attention from the two company principles, Dean Saluti and Marjorie Cahn. Dr. Dean Saluti has been a leader in this field since the founding of Saluti Cahn in 1978.

Saluti Cahn can help you gain cost savings in the following areas:

1. Operational Efficiencies

2. Operational Controls

3. Systems Conversions

4. Operations Consolidations