Dean Saluti

Dean Saluti – Prior to founding Saluti Cahn and Company

Dean Saluti also held positions as the Chairman of the Management Department and the Dean of Continuing Education. He has published numerous articles and scholarly papers on “Process Flow,” and is considered a national authority on this subject. The American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS) selected Dean Saluti to develop and publish the undergraduate and graduate curricula for Manufacturing Systems as “Professor of the Year in America.” He was also selected to lead a national study group to determine strategies to compete with the Japanese “Just in Time” methods. The Business School accrediting agency (AACSB) selected Dean Saluti to be the keynote speaker at the national Dean’s Conference on “The Use of the Computer in the Business School.” Dean feels his greatest academic achievement is to have been selected by the student body as “Professor of the Year” for his sensitivity to the needs of his students and the exceptional quality of his teaching.

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