features Saluti Cahn now provides a profile of Saluti Cahn on their website.  Dean (and all of Saluti Cahn) are proud to be included in the local paper and look forward to hearing from new clients soon. 


Dean Saluti – Thank You to our clients

Dean Saluti and all of the Saluti Cahn associates would like to wish our clients a happy, safe holiday season and best wishes for a prosperous 2010.

Since 1978, Saluti Cahn has successfully completed projects for over fifty leading companies in the financial services industry.  That list includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Bank of America –
  2. Bisys –
  3. Fascore Record Keeping Services –
  4. Fidelity Investments –
  5. MFS –
  6. Pentegra Retirement Services –
  7. Rockefeller and Co. –
  8. Sovereign Bank –
  9. State Street Bank –
  10. Vanguard Investments –

Saluti Cahn – 2009 Client Spotlight

Dean Saluti: Project Spotlight – Saluti Cahn Retirement New Business / New Plan Conversion for ADP

  1. First SalutiCahn conducted a detailed Workflow analysis, and identified efficiencies which led to positive cost savings.
  2. Next, Saluti Cahn went through ADP’s New Plan Procedure and after a thorough analysis we were able to decrease conversion time by fifty percent.
  3. To create further efficiencies Saluti Cahn assocites examined ADP job titles / duties were then revamped to reflect changes in the New Plan Procedure.
  4. Dean Saluti examined the capacity to shift job titles / duties along with other measures to ease bottlenecks helped lead to a reduction in processing time.
  5. Saluti Cahn  worked on processing time which was further refined by trimming the handoff time between Sales and New Business.


Examples of Retirement System Conversion Projects:

2007-2008: Bank of America (

- Employee Benefit Reporting (EBR), SEI to AMTrust (PACE) and SunGard OmniPay (GUI).

Reference: Joseph Zelaway (617-346-5084)

2007: Lincoln Financial (

– From one proprietary Recordkeeping System to another proprietary Recordkeeping System Platform (Fort Wayne, IN).

Reference: James Racine (260-455-4944)

2007: Lincoln Financial (

– From an HP proprietary Recordkeeping System to another proprietary Recordkeeping System, OASYS (Arlington Heights, IL).

Reference: James Racine (260-455-4944)

2006: Bank of America (

– Retirement Disbursements, SunGard OmniPay to GUI.

Reference: Thomas Fenton (860-952-7070)

2001: Wachovia (

– Retirement Recordkeeping System, Schwab SRT to WySTAR.

Reference: Angie McDaniel (704-590-8771)

1999: Bank One

– Retirement Recordkeeping System, SunGard OmniPlan to SunGard OmniPlus.

Reference: Glenn Brown (313-343-8533)

1999: Bank One

– Retirement Disbursements, SunGard OmniPay to GUI.

Reference: Glenn Brown (313-343-8533)

Other Conversion Projects:

Trust – At least 10 Trust System Conversions to SEI, and then, from SEI to AMTrust.


Reference: Thomas Fenton (860-952-7070)

Wealth Management – Rockefeller and Company to Rockit.

Reference: David Pagliaro (212-649-5600)

Bank Operations – Numerous Bank Operations System Conversions.

Reference: Kathy Oliver, Sovereign Bank (617-533-1515)

Saluti Cahn Contact

Saluti Cahn contact: Marjorie Cahn, Principal, at (617)285-6564 (cell).